Travel for Free and Stay for Free Too!

(This is the online edition of this book, with 49 pages, as it’s packed with information and contact names, emails and phone numbers). Do you want to travel and stay for free at the best places in the world – fly, cruise, stay, eat – all for free. As often as you wish? Can you take some pictures of where you’ve been? (And get $30 or more for each picture?).

You don’t need some really expensive camera – almost all of your pictures will be published online, so even your camera phone is perfect! Maybe you’d like to write a few words (a dollar a word and up) or just put them on your blog? Raymond DuFoy shows you how to do all this and more, in his new book “Travel For Free – and stay for free, too!” You’ll have seen his videos on international TV, probably read his words online and in the newspapers – and now he not only shows you how easy it is for you to travel the world and stay in comfort for free, he also “spills the beans” within the contents of this ebook.

What you will learn from this e-book

Digital Nomad Business

This ebook equips you in starting a profitable digital nomad business. Make money traveling!

Life Memories

Create lifelong memories and save money with the Travel for Free eBook.

No Need to Stress

There is no need to stress and save just to get away. There are myriad ways to save thousands of dollars, if only you know about them.

The Holiday You Deserve

No more worry just to take the holiday you deserve, with exciting life experiences and memories with your loved ones.

PDF Bulletin

Get legitimate access to the secret twice monthly PDF bulletin which lists the latest hotels, resorts, airlines, even whole countries.

Blog & Travel

But if you can set up a simple blog can write a little about your experience, perhaps add a few pictures, you’ll never pay to stay and travel again.

About the Author

Raymond DuFoy (a pen name) is a world-renowned travel writer and photographer. His Twitter account has over 50,000 ardent followers – and it reveals more secrets behind travelling and staying for free; it is updated many times daily with advice, free trips, hotels, resorts and airlines … and much more.

Search Google for @Travel_For_Free You’ll have seen his videos on international TV and read his words online and in the newspapers – and seen his photographs online and in glossy magazines and in newspapers…… Raymond DuFoy

Raymond Dufoy